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We used to be such optimists. Technology would bring us a world of wealth in harmony with the environment, and even bring us new worlds. The Internet would erase national boundaries, replace gatekeepers with a universal opportunity for free expression, and bring us all closer together. Remember when we looked forward to every advance?

The Dark Forest

It is very much a bracingly pessimistic story for our era. There are certain analogies here.

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I strongly doubt that that is actually the case. Even if explicit tags were helpful rather than counterproductive — which I doubt, given the stripping of metadata, the jokes riffing on the meme, etc.

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As Max Read puts it :. FB already has an enormous, rich facial-recognition dataset going back 15 years. But I find it a striking example of how so many of us have grown to treat technology as a dark forest. Possibly implicitly biased results! But I find it bizarre how everyone outside of the business keeps hammering the table shouting about how the tech industry need to stop ignoring the fact that AI may reinforce implicit bias, while all the AI people I know are deeply aware of this risk, describe it as one of their primary concerns, talk about it constantly, and are doing all kinds of work to mitigate or eliminate it.

Why the implicit assumption that all AI researchers and engineers are blithely ignoring this risk?

Again: technology has become a dark forest. Tech-as-magic is not just limited to AI, though. How many people really understand what happens when you flick a switch and a light comes on?

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How many fewer really understand how text messaging works , or why a change of a mere few degrees in global temperatures is likely to be catastrophic for billions? Not many.

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What do we fear? We fear the unknown.

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  6. Tech is a dark forest because to most people tech is dark magic. Trisolarans, technically advanced inhabitants of a dying planet, have focused their attention on Earth, and are determined to make it their new home. As this astonishing second volume opens, the Trisolarian fleet has just been launched.


    Their journey will take more than years to complete, but they are on their way. And that fact changes everything. Science and technology make concerted efforts to rise to the occasion, but encounter a single, insurmountable problem. They place unbreakable limits on human technological development, and they reveal every secret strategy and plan to the invading forces.