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That evening as I was working with a group of my brown bel ts, a drunk man walked through the class. He then went on the be less than respectful, and challenging my right to be in the park. Two of my senior students got ready to jump in, I noticed deep anger on their faces as their neck muscles tightening. I signalled them to stay put.

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The drunk then wanted me to apologize for being in his way, and I took a deep breath. At first felt a little anger creep in, then I took a step towards him. I am now going to go continue my training.

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I stepped right past him firmly and respectfully, showing him am not afraid as I started teaching again. He looked at me in sheer silence for what seemed a minute and then walked away. I could still sense the anger on my most senior students face, who is respectful and feels very protective of me.

Life captured, observations shared. May it surprise you, make you laugh, or stir your soul.

Why did you let him walk away disrespecting you like this? And he ignored the fact that his 6 year old daughter was watching , and she was terrified out of her wits?

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Well I walked away from that fight too. Even though I had already run more than a few scenarios in my head of how the fight would end — quickly. And in both cases I won, because I kept my freedom of choice and right to be a freeman. Besides what would the two fights have achieved?

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What would anyone have gained? A parking spot?

Respect from a drunk guy? What after that….

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The students now looked relaxed and surprised. And deep inside I was happy that in someways was able to demonstrate a key lesson on the warrior path. Ever since the inception of Web Musing, I have been mulling on how I should be branding this site in its message.

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I knew I wanted to share on Wisdom, but I did not know how should this message be presented to people. El Shaddai means the All-providing God, or the All-nourishing God, and I believe that God will continually nourish you through my writings here. Wisdom truly begins from the heart. There are three dimensions of intellect, namely:. Understanding is about having discernment and knowing why or how to approach matters in a wise manner.

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Knowledge is about gathering truths, facts and information, and also about how and what to apply them. By His knowledge the depths were broken up, and clouds drop down the dew. This has been how Almighty God been functioning since the beginning of time, and it will be wise to follow Him.

Receive my instruction, and not silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold; For wisdom is better than rubies, and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her. When I left school and started working, I must admit that choice gold and silver are what I was looking for, because it makes sense to me to get the wealth I need in order to have the resources to do whatever I want. Some of you may even have good intentions, like using money to be charitable and to be a blessing to others, if you indeed become wealthy. However Jesus is teaching me not to focus on wealth; He wants me to follow His wisdom, understanding and knowledge first and foremost.