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Benchmarks are selected based upon similarity to the investment style of our composites and accepted norms within the industry. Valuations are computed and performance is reported in U. Composite returns are calculated using the Modified Dietz formula. This methodology has been applied consistently for all peri- ods. Other methods may produce different results. Composite returns are presented gross and net of management fees and include the reinvestment of all dividends and income.

All returns are gross of withholding taxes.

Gross returns will be reduced by investment advisory fees and other expenses that may be incurred in the management of the account. LCMs advisory fee schedule is the following: 1. Quarterly and annual rates of return for the portfolio are computed by compounding the monthly rates of return over the appli- cable number of months.

LCM utilizes neither leverage nor derivative instruments as a material component of its investment strategies. Composite dispersion is calculated using the asset-weighted standard deviation of all portfolios that were included in the com- posite for the entire year. Performance periods of less then 12 months are not annualized.

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Year results are for the period of December 1, through December 31, Year results are for the period of January 1, through June 30, LCM defines a significant cash flow as an external flow of cash or securities capital additions or withdrawals that is client initi- ated. A significant cash flow into or out of an account is considered a temporary loss of discretion and as such, an account would be removed from the composite at the end of the month before the cash flow arises.

An account which is removed from the composite due to the occurrence of a sig- nificant cash flow is to be included back in the composite once the account returns to fully-invested status. Additional informa- tion regarding the treatment of significant cash flows is available upon request. Actual performance of client accounts may differ substantially.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The presentation of LCM's Top Ten Equity Holdings is based on a model portfolio for informational purposes only and is shown as supplemental information to this full disclosure presentation, and should not be deemed as a recommendation to trade the securities listed.

The presentation of LCM's Portfolio Characteristics is based on a model portfolio for informational purposes only and is shown as supplemental information to this full disclosure presentation. All of this information comes from sources believed by LCM to be reliable.

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LCM, however, cannot guarantee the accu- racy of the comparative returns and therefore shall not be held liable for inaccurate information obtained from data providers. Read Free For 30 Days. Gerald Celente, Jeffrey A. Gerald Celente, G.

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Bill Murphy, Harry S. Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Roger C. Stephen Leeb, Dr. Chris Powell, Harry S. Ron Paul, Harry S. Robert Prechter Jr.


Steve Forbes, Dr. Marc Faber, Dr. Edward Griffin, Harry S. Ron Paul, Robert Prechter Jr. Burton Malkiel, Dr. Steve Forbes, Robert Prechter Jr.

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