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Tim Appelo. An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. A Gentleman in Moscow. Aprendizados: Minha caminhada para uma vida com mais significado.

Becoming Tana Paul.

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Tente novamente mais tarde. Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada. Barack for me is one of the best USA president in history. Michelle had her own fights in life, this book is about that. She's able to be a good president too. Hope she changes her idea about politics to the election. Her election could be another unique moment: the day that humankind finally understood that intelligence has no gender Retail had traditionally been built around slow, daily batch processing, but competition from ecommerce has created a push to become integrated and real time.

A number of car companies, including Tesla and Audi , have built out the IoT platform for their next-generation connected cars, modeling car data as real-time streams of events. Trains, boats, warehouses, and heavy machinery are starting to be captured in event streams as well. In most of these companies, Kafka was initially adopted to enable a single, scalable, real-time application or data pipeline for one particular use case. This initial usage tends to spread rapidly within a company to other applications. To take retail as an example, a retailer might begin by capturing the stream of sales that occur in stores for a single use case, say, speeding up inventory management.

Each event might represent the data associated with one sale: which products sold, what store they sold in, etc. But though usage might start with a single application, this same stream of sales is critical for systems that do pricing, reporting, discounting, and dozens of other use cases. Indeed, in a global retail business there are hundreds or even thousands of software systems that manage the core processes of the business from inventory management, warehouse operations, shipments, price changes, analytics, and purchasing.

How many of these core processes are impacted by the simple event of a sale of a product taking place? The answer is many or most of them, as selling a product is one of the most fundamental activities in retail. This is a virtuous cycle of adoption. The first application brings with it critical data streams. New applications join the platform to get access to those data streams, and bring with them their own streams. Streams bring applications, which in turn bring more streams. The core idea is that an event stream can be treated as a record of what has happened, and any system or application can tap into this in real time to react, respond, or process the data stream.

This has very significant implications. Internally, companies are often a spaghetti-mess of interconnected systems, with each application jury-rigged to every other. This is an incredibly costly, slow approach. Event streams offer an alternative: there can be a central platform supporting real-time processing, querying, and computation.

Each application publishes the streams related to its part of the business and relies on other streams, in a fully decoupled manner. In driving interconnection, the event streaming platform acts as the central nervous system for the emerging software-defined company. We can think of the individual, disconnected UI-centric applications as a kind of single-celled organism of the software world. A multicell animal has a nervous system that coordinates all the individual cells into a single entity that can respond, plan, and act instantaneously to whatever it experiences in any of its constituent parts.

A digital company needs a software equivalent to this nervous system that connects all its systems, applications, and processes.